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Why refill not landfill?
There is a real global problem - too much synthetic waste is being produced and we are running out of space in which to bury it.

- Every piece of plastic ever made and disposed of in landfill, still exists.
- Plastic is only degraded after thousands of years.
- Currently plastic accounts for approximately 10% of generated waste - most of which is landfill.
- 300 million tons of plastic a year is specifically designed not to break down.
- Disposable cups alongside plastic bags are the greatest pollutants in the world.
- Placing plastic in landfill is harmful, as plastic chemicals often sink into nearby land, often contaminating ground water.

Plastic waste and environmental contamination is a real threat to our health, weather patterns, crops and planetary eco-systems.

- Pollutes our sea
- Pollutes our beaches
- Contaminates our fish
- Destroys our wildlife

Plastic is growing in volume, at a rate of about 9% a year.....if we want to save our planet from an environmental Catastrophe.


We need to start treating plastic as a reusable material rather than a disposable commodity.

So this can start as a simple buy, reusing this Mick O'Toole branded Pint cup at your next gig/festival.

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